someone had way too much fun with the photo booth...

... and it was me.

I TOTALLY forgot to put Becky and Tom's wedding on my favourite things list. That was dumb of me. One of the year's highlights for sure.

I took way too many photos in the photo booth. Is that actually possible? If someone hires a photo booth for the night (per your idea) and then says, "have at it" can you really over use it? I think not.

And the funny thing is, when I opened the scanner to scan the photos Becky and Tom's were still inside from making their thank you cards. Ha ha! So I included one of theirs, too.

My favourites? The one of all us sisters (why is Kim's neck all you see of her in those two photos?), the one with Melodie (can you guess which is our monster pose, which is our princess pose, and which is our surprised pose?), and the one of Daryl and I getting progressively more tipsy.

Good fun.

ps. Yes, that's shot of me licking Daryl's face. I didn't mean for it to get caught on camera. What I meant to happen was for his grossed out face to get caught on camera. It didn't. He didn't even realize I licked his face until he saw the photo. Then he got grossed out. But we weren't in the photo booth anymore.


beckster said...

It sure was my highlight, thats for sure! I am so glad I listened to you and not Dad in the photobooth department! Ha ha Hope everyone else had fun with it too.

pamero said...

I'm also glad you didn't listen to dad (but just this one time). The best part about this post? If you click on the scanned pictures, they get embarrassingly huge. FUn!

corrie said...

I KNOW! That's what made me add the comment about licking Daryl's face. I realized if anyone clicked on it they'd be able to see very clearly what I was doing. Even if Daryl didn't at the time. Boo!