new year's roundup

So, 12 favourite things from 2011:

1. The day Daryl came home to me. By far the best day of 2011. No more month long trips up north, please!

(did I tell you guys that while Daryl was away I went to his family gathering and was spontaneously asked to give an update for Daryl and I? In front of his somewhat conservative Mennonite extended family I stood up and tried to explain why I was there but Daryl wasn't. It went something like this: "Well, Daryl and I are separated right now...(recognize my blunder by the shocked looks on his relatives faces and spend the next five minutes trying to convince everyone that we're not separated separated and are, in fact, very much in love and have a great marriage.)" At least Daryl's siblings thought it was funny. I'm sure everyone else is praying for us now. )

2. Cooking together. We're good at it and we love being in the kitchen together. And we love eating. Perfect all around.

3. My job. I know I don't talk about it a lot on my blog, but I love my job. It's only as a sub but I've been working pretty much full time since the beginning of the school year. It works well for the full time EAs to have someone they can call who knows the students and knows the routines. And it works well for me. The highlight of the school year in 2011 was the Christmas party we had just before the break when the students exchanged dollar store gifts with each other. You'd think they all got x-boxes they were so thrilled with the gifts.

4. No vacations. Sounds like an odd thing to be a favourite, and we intended to take a road trip out east but decided to save our money FOR A TRIP TO CUBA!!! Hooray! So I will happily put no holidays as one of my favourite things in 2011 because it allowed for what will be one of my favourite things in 2012! Yay!

5. Being a thriftaholic. Guys, I am seriously addicted to thrift shopping.

(one of my favourite thrift finds - the cutest fabric art ever)

We went real shopping the other day (buying second hand swimsuits is just a no-no) and I could not believe what people pay for new clothes. I hardly even go thrift shopping anymore unless they're having a 50% off sale, let alone paying $27.00 for a t-shirt (!!!!) And my new favourite thing to shop for at second hand stores? Fabric. I hit the motherlode at MCC out in Steinbach. Which leads me to...

6. My sewing machine. If Daryl hadn't convinced me it would be a good buy (not even second hand!!!!) it would have remained in my brain bank as an I'd-like-to-get-that-someday idea. But we bought it and, though I make no claims to be a decent sewer, I love messing around with it sewing things and making crafts. And I'm planning on making some beach coverup kind of shirts for Cuba with the material I got at MCC. I'll let you know how it goes...

7. Snuggling on the couch. Nothing makes my day better than having a good snuggle and watching tv. Doesn't matter how lousy it's been or how hard the next day will be, snuggling keeps me in the moment and makes life happier.

8. Nieces and nephews. We have the best kids ever in our family. I love them to bits and last year I decided it was my right as their aunt to get to spoil them. Whether it's treats in my bag, postcards through the mail, making crafts together, or reading endless amounts of books with them I love showing them love.

9. Our newest nephew.

Oscar gets his own because he's so new. It doesn't matter that he's a cranky pants or that he threw his mother's body into an endless tailspin, he's just wonderful.

10. Canoe trips. I just love getting out on the water, cooking over a fire, gazing up at the sky crowded with stars, swatting at bugs, going mad with biting flies... kay, not so much the last two, but it's still worth getting out there and feeling everything melt away. There's nothing else like it in the whole world.

11. My new table.

My dad made it for me for Christmas. I love it. It's nice and skinny and nobody's bumping their hips on it as they walk by. And it means I have two new drawers (which are at a premium in our house) and I can rearrange a few things and be more organized. Notice the nativity set on top? It was a gift from my mom one year for Christmas, too. Isn't it beautiful? And the straw looking thing is a candle holder Kim and I made for Thanksgiving and the photo is one taken when I was just a wee baby with Kurt and my dad is holding me looking at me with such love. Also one of my favourites.

12. My Daryl.

What can I say? He makes me laugh like no one else can. He makes life shinier. He was worth waiting for. Even if it's just the two of us for the rest of our days I wouldn't trade him for anything.


Mom said...

Wow! What a thankful blog for 2011. I hope and pray you both will have great blessings in 2012. Your thankfulness has made me feel sooo thankful for you both and for simple blessings we all have received this past year. God's Blessings and Love to you both.

pamero said...

#1-Yes, a good day, because you finally stopped whining about missing Daryl.

#2-I also love when you guys cook together. And then give it to us to eat.

#5-It is a serious problem. And one that I am often a serious recipient of. Sa-weet!

#6-Your sewing machine is nice, but your talent at making all kinds of cute/crazy little things with it makes it awesome.

#7-There's something about your house (or the people in it) that makes couch-snugling an inevitability every time we visit

#8-So true..."Thicken Pot Pie!"


#10-You're already making me jealous that I probably won't get a canoe trip in this year. But we will try for some wilderness camping..wanna come?

#12-Yeah...Daryl's pretty awesome. Can't argue that. We'd choose no other to be Mr.Van Hiebert.