one year in

Some reflections as the first year with Evie comes and goes...

I think I may never eat a hot meal again. Or eat ice cream before it's melted beyond enjoyment.

I may never sleep more than three hours at a time ever again. We have a good eater, people, but a horrible, lousy, no good sleeper. I'm pretty sure even after she moves out she'll be calling me at three in the morning because she can't sleep. I'm not even joking.

There is no end, I repeat, NO END to the havoc a mobile baby can create.

As bad as crawling is, climbing is even worse. How can she have no fear? I'm pretty sure she's seeing it as a challenge to keep her guardian angel as busy as possible. I'm also pretty sure that without the protection of said angel she'd have cracked her head more than a few times already.

Why are baby feet and hands so clammy? Why are they the perfect amount of clamminess to get stuck in hair and rip and rip and rip?

I didn't know my heart could be so full of this kind of love.

I'm pretty sure I'll never take my mom for granted again.

It's strange to live in this place of paradox where it's just as easy as it is hard to give up so much of myself and my time for this tiny human being.

I think there's nothing better than sleepy eyes looking up at you and a tiny hand on your face. That's as good as it gets.

Oh, Evie Baby, you make my heart so happy : )


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