What a great weekend at Key's Lake. We ate great food, sat around the campfire, took in the sunshine and water, and enjoyed each other's company immensely. On Sunday, as we were sneaking in one more relaxing moment before packing up, I looked at Kurt and Courtney, Kim and Nick, and Daryl and the kids and said, "So we'll all be back next weekend, then?" How I wish we could be...

Until we meet for another camping weekend I'll have to content myself with admiring some of Daryl's shots.

Almost as good as being on a canoe trip. 

Our sweet little, orange tent, I love it.

Another sweet little thing I love. 

The kids were so great, exploring and playing and swimming to their hearts' content.

Sam and I having a bigger belly contest. I think I won.

Warm fires and starry, moon filled nights. Just what camping should be.  


Court said...

It was a great trip! Looking forward to doing it again sometime!