lemme tell ya

Well, this horrible cold at 38 weeks is just peachy.

Coughing my brains out (let's be honest, it's not my brains that are leaking out) while my bladder is already under so much pressure? Lovely. Thanks.

Being congested and having plugged nasal passages when my lungs already have a hard time fully inflating and my body already feels deprived of oxygen? Wonderful.

And, boy, it sure is great to be able to get some good, restful, deep sleep at night. Just what my body needs when preparing for birth.

Are you catching on to my sarcasm yet, Universe?


Krista said...

Better get your bags packed! Sounds like baby's on its way! I got so sick about a week before I went into labour with each of my kids... In the meantime, get well soon!

Mom said...

All that coughing could surely put you into labor :)

"My bags are packed, I'm ready to go ......"

Anonymous said...

I was feeling sorry for myself with my summer cold (which after 14 days seems to be leaving) but when I read about you at 38 weeks I got over myself. Looking forward to the news of the cold departing and the baby arriving. Brenda Mac