slight difference in taste

While shopping for clothing the other day, Daryl brought over a few things he had found to add to the cart; some nice shirts, some pants, and a t-shirt.

He held up the t-shirt to show me. "Do you think you would wear this? It's too small for me but it would fit you."

I examined the blue shirt. It was nice, good quality, but it had some insignia and a flag I didn't recognize on it. "Why do you want me to wear that shirt?" I asked, puzzled.

"Well, if I didn't cheer for Brazil, I would cheer for Arg - no, I'd cheer for Holland. But if I didn't cheer for Brazil or Holland, I would cheer for Argentina during the World Cup."

Back on the rack the t-shirt went.

No, Daryl, *I* will not wear *your* THIRD choice team's flag for the World Cup. There's just so much wrong with that sentence...