conversation this morning with my seven month old*

Baby: (rubbing her eyes) Hey, Mom? I'm not sure what's wrong but I don't feel right.
Mama: I know, Sweetie, you're tired, you need a nap.
Baby: (whimpering a little) No, that's not it. I'm not tired.
Mama: I think you, are, Honey. But before I get my breakfast, let's feed you.
Baby: (Gobble, gobble, gobble) Yah, that's it, I'm hungry. I'm SO hungry. I think you haven't fed me since last week.
Mama: And after you eat, you'll have a nice sleep.
Baby: No, 'cause I'm not sleepy, look I'm wide awake! I wanna play!
Mama: Let's just try...
Baby: NO! I'M AWAKE!
Mama: Fine, sit here and play while I make my breakfast.
Baby: Yah, you do that, I'm totally fine here playing and being awake. (rubs her eyes again) There's just something wrong, I can't figure out what it is...
Mama: You're tired! Here's your soother, have a nice, little nap.
Baby: NO! I'M AWAKE! I'll prove it to you by crying really loudly.
Mama: Fine! Stay awake then!
Baby: (Whimper, whimper) Good. (rub, rub)
Mama: I'm about to pour the milk on my cereal. I'd really like not to have to eat soggy cereal this morning... are you sure you don't want to try... (tips baby back into a sleeping position)
Baby: I'M AWAKE! If I could just kick you hard enough you'll realize how much I don't need to take a nap!
Mama: FINE! Milk is being poured! I'm eating my cereal! (pours milk on her cereal)

Small pause as Mama brings her cereal out to the table.

Baby: Mom? (rub, rub, rub) I don't want to bug you or anything but I think I'm tired. (whimper, whimper) I think I need a nap. Will you rock me and sing me a lullaby? Like, right now. Because if you don't do it RIGHT NOW I probably won't sleep all morning and will be cranky like this for the rest of the day because I finally figured out that I really need to sleep. I'm so tired.
Mama: (whimpers and five minutes later eats soggy cereal in peace)

*what in the world? how do we have a seven month old already?


kim said...

I'm still having that conversation with my almost three yr old...

Anonymous said...

Oh Evie baby. I'm about to enjoy some fresh cereal for lunch.

Court said...

I really enjoyed that post! Made me laugh. Isn't it amazing how life changes when you have children, although, soggy cereal is something one can never get used to!