sleepover fun

I had a ton of fun this summer with the kiddos coming over for sleepovers. What a blast. I had to cram as many crafts as I could into twenty four hours!

First, were the misses Annika Banannika and Meli Melo.
We went a little crazy decorating our snowman pancakes...

We made pizza. How many kids do you know whose favourite vegetable is mushrooms? 

We went to the park.

We had lots of good snacks.

We made crafts.

We did lots and lots and lots of painting.

And then a whole different speed with little Aali-bean. Our sleepover consisted of lots of singing, lots of snacking, lots of laughing (she should be nicknamed Giggles Jr.), and we even managed to squeeze in a craft so Mama and Dada knew how much she missed them. 

We also had time for cuddles.

Making funny faces.

And going for walks.*

Sigh. I simply adore my nieces and nephews. I can't wait until more of them are old enough for sleepovers. Maybe we could have GIANT sleepovers with everyone coming over for the night! How fun would that be?!!

*Kay, so this picture isn't actually from the walk we took with Pam and Oskie-pants but it was too darn cute not to include : )


Court said...

Forget the kids! Can I come for a sleepover??

kim said...

Cute-O!! But, that picture was actually from our walk together at Winnipeg beach... lol

corrie said...

I know, Kim (aka Giggles)... didn't you read the disclaimer?

pamero said...

I know, I was there for one sleepover (well partial, we didn't actually sleep there) and it was SO much fun. Oscar's SO gonna love you guys more than us...