We're going canoeing this weekend and part of the canoe trip experience is packing for the canoe trip. If you've been doing it since you were in Jr. High it's old hat and almost as much of the fun as the actual camping.

Part of the challenge this trip is that it's only Daryl and I going. Packing for two people is much different than packing for four or six or nine. It's been tricky to find the right kind of containers (plastic with tight fitting lids) for the small amounts we'll be taking. The last thing you want it to have to lug around extra pails of half full containers.

As I was looking at the food pails I was trying to keep straight what was in which containers so I could explain it to Daryl once we get out there and avoid digging through the pails and opening each container to see what's in it. I tried to tick it off in my head: the coffee is in the baking powder container, but the peanut butter is in the same kind of container, the jam is in the betty crocker icing container, the oil is in the squeezable honey bottle (hmmm... that looks a lot like honey...), the brown sugar is in the small nutella container, the tea is in a little baggy and the hot chocolate is in the green tea container... It was starting to sound like that Bert and Ernie book, do you remember it? "Well if the cookies are in the fishbowl, and the fish is in my cowboy hat, what am I supposed to wear on my head?"

Everything now boasts nice, bold labels.


pamero said...

Uh yeah, I can just see Daryl getting just a wee bit frustrated...ha ha!