canoe trip bliss

We made it home safe and sound from the Experimental Lakes, not that there was ever any fear that we wouldn't. Except for a few scrapes, cuts, and bruises we're in good shape. And not even a sore muscle between us! I guess all our physical activity throughout the year paid off : )

It was especially good because we went into it with a weather forecast calling for rain all of the days we were going to be out in the wilderness and we made a pact that if it was too rainy we'd come home. But we only had one afternoon and night of rain and we stayed nice and dry in our great little tent and under the tarp.

The highlights for me were... sunny days lying out on the rock; hiking up, up, up to the top of the world and seeing the view of the treetops - spectacular; watching the moon rise, huge and orange, over the trees and reflecting like the setting sun on the lake; and the moon the next night, so bright it cast shadows.

We had such a great time.
I was expecting to feel lonely, after all more people = more fun, but we had a blast on our own. And cooking was so simple for two! (as was the washing up).

*watch for the Corrie who was partially sucked into another dimention is this next photo:

Four days wasn't long enough, but I'm so grateful for the time we did have. The entire time I felt so privileged that we live so close to such beauty and it's so accessible to us. And thankful for strong legs and backs to help get us there.

*click on full screen to best see the photos in the slideshow

song credit: Great Lake Swimmers - I Saw You in the Wild


Mom said...

Thanks for the great videos. They sucked me right into
the dimention of being right there with you both. Loved the feeling, sights and sounds ( even if they were just in my head and heart. So happy to see you both enjoying canoeing together. Love ya. :)

Court said...

Looks pretty amazing. Can't wait until the kids are old enough to start going on canoe trips!

pamero said...

Ahhh! Everyone is making me SO jealous with their camping blogs! Wish we were there with you year!

kim said...

This was SO last month... New blog please!