whaaaat? two posts in two days? how *does* she do it?

I know, I know. I'm going posting crazy. But when life hands you exciting things you post about them.

See, one thing you may not know about being married to Daryl is that he has phenomenal taste in music, which means that I get to tag along in what he's listening to and take in some great concerts once in a while. I think of it as great music by association.

And last night was definitely worth posting about. We went to a Beirut concert at the Walker Theatre. It was fantastic. 

The opening band left something to be desired (especially when one of the singers chastised the crowd for being too chatty), but the concert itself made up for it. Of course we had fun people watching. There are always the same characters in every concert crowd. The guy for whom seeing the band is almost a religious experience and he's WAY too into it. The girl who is dancing at the front, undulating and gyrating to her heart's content but making the people around her more than a little uncomfortable. And the somewhat drunk guy who drags his girlfriend around trying to get the best seats possible and has to move half a dozen times as the paid occupants return and want their seats back. Watching the crowd was a pleasant diversion.

The band itself was a treat to watch and listen to. It always makes for a good concert when you can tell the musicians are having a blast making music together on stage.

And it was hot in there last night. No air conditioning and we were on the second balcony (hence the prime view for people watching) and we were sweltering. I think the only people hotter than those of us in the second balcony were the musicians on stage.

So on our walk home we stopped by The Fringe Festival and had some late night gelati.

What a treat! There aren't any ice cream or gelati places near us so the gelati truck parked in Old Market Square was a welcome sight. Once in a while we pop in to Young's just to see if they have a good ol' fudgesicle but aren't really tempted by red bean or green bean or purple yam popsicles. Maybe one day I'll feel daring enough to try one. So we seized the rare opportunity and bought some gelati to enjoy for the rest of our walk home. Notice how the light from heaven is shining down on the chocolate gelato but leaving the mango in the dark? Yah. That's as it should be. 

What a perfect night of enjoying our city*. A lovely concert, a lovely festival and a lovely warm walk home. 

*In six months, in the dead of winter, I'm probably going to reread this post and remember and cry a little bit. 


Krista said...

I've had purple yam ice cream. It's surprisingly good. You might like it!

corrie said...

Hmmmm... maybe I'll have to give it a try. Actually, it's the fact that there are whole beans IN the popsicle that gets me more than anything. Texture affects me big time.

Anonymous said...

thank you for referring to it by its proper name, The Walker Theatre.

pamero said...

Ah! Who scooped my comment about The Walker?! And chocolate gelati is nothing special. You could just buy a box of fudgesicles at any superstore and it tastes like that. No blueberry or caramel or pear or straciatella...