summer fun

Wow. July is flying by. We've just spend a wonderful week at the cottage and I so wasn't ready to come home. But it was worth it to attend Oscar's dedication and have a family supper al fresco.

And I've gotten to spend time making lots of things for lots of reasons.

Travel journals for Abby and Jack's big adventure:

Mobiles from sea-glass and driftwood at the cottage:

And these yummy custard fruit tarts for our fun family supper. How fun was it? Just take a look at those darling faces and you'll know!

There's also been sewing and fabric painting and more distractions than I can even count. It's so much fun to have so much free time to create and imagine and idle away the days. Believe me, I'm not taking any of it for granted!


Mom said...

I love what you have done with the sea glass!! Please use all of it! You could set up a Kiosk on the corner of William and Kate to sell them; making some summer income :)

pamero said...

You's not sea glass, it's not from the sea. It's beach glass. And they are so pretty.