killing us softly

I saw this video a few weeks ago and the fact that I still think about it almost daily made me decide to share it here. I so wish I was better at accepting my own body, and this video gave me fuel for the fire. As well as rekindling my love for Kate Winslet : )

Killing Us Softly 4 Trailer from Media Education Foundation on Vimeo.

I was particularly struck by the idea that when you turn people in to things or objects it makes it easier not to see them as actual people. Seems obvious but I've been thinking about that for weeks since I first saw the video. I'd kind of like to see the whole talk now.

What do you think? Anything hit home?


Pat said...

Such a good talk and speaker. I also would like to hear the rest of it. Totally agree that we need to change the influences for young girls and women.
I love how she remarks about Kate Winslet for God's blessing on her. I hope other models, actresses and other influential women will stand up and defend their bodies as Kate does.I hope each of us individually can also. Emphasis should be on character building and worthiness as your own individual as the only one of your kind created by God. Comes down to being able to accept and love yourself as God created you which we can only do through God's love for us.

pamero said...

That freaking beautiful woman, Kate Winslet. Gotta love her. I'd love to watch the rest of these sometime, such great reminders to us to not be stupid.