date night (again)

I know, I know, we have too many date nights, my hubby and I.

You may remember this one from, oh wow, almost exactly a year ago! Too funny! We've probably had about three in between. See, we most often cook a meal at home and end the date with a movie on the couch so to actually get dressed and go out requires the special title of "date night." It's how we know we actually have to put some work into it. Like, "Oh man, we're having a date night tonight... now we have to put on warm clothes and not be hermits." Ha ha. Not really, plus we have to put on warm clothes just to live in our condo. I get pretty mad if the heat is turned up even a fraction of a cm. (Also a joke) (sort of).

But really, date nights are us going out and having fun. It usually involves a movie. Sometimes thrift shopping. But it ALWAYS includes me saying in a sing songy voice "we're having a date night, we're having a date night" and Daryl rolling his eyes and kissing me (I think to shut me up.)

This date night was totally my idea. You can always tell my ideas because they include things like coupons and thrift store discounts. Ha.

This one was a doozy. Free movie ticket? Left over popcorn and drink ticket from a couple of Tuesday's ago? Sounds like a date night to me! Hooray!

And here we are, enjoying our movie in all its 3D glory. We may just decide to wear the glasses everywhere we go together. (oh wait, then we'd just look like hipsters and if there's one thing we're not, it's hipsters)

Oh Date Night, our quarterly event, you were not bad. Yup, you were just okay.


Daryl said...

Kim? No, wait, just 3D Corrie.