date night (corrie and daryl style)

We had a date night a couple of weeks ago. We used a gift certificate my dad had given me for Christmas and went out for supper. It was nice. When the meal was over I pulled out my Safeway flyer and began to circle the things that we were on our way to buy. Grocery shopping as date night. The bill came and there were no mints with the cheque. Disappointing. I pulled out the bag of scotch mints I just happened to have in my bag and we each took one. Then we left.

It struck me that Date Night looked a lot like regular nights for us. We don't often go out for supper, but we enjoy making food and eating together. We usually go grocery shopping together. And one of us is always finding small treats to share with the other.

I like it. I like that our lives sometimes feel like one, big date. Talking, laughing, finding out more about the other, asking questions, enjoying common interests, finding ways to show that we care.

And I know people will say, "When you have kids that will change" or "life doesn't always stay that way" or "you've only been married two years, give it time." But I don't care.

This is who we are, and I like us.


Anonymous said...

Pish, pish to those who say "you've only been married for 2 years" and "kids will change that". Whatevs.


mmichele said...

I'm always curious as to why people have to 'warn' you about terrible events that never seem to pan out as terribly as predicted...

'Just wait until they are teenagers' for instance.

Bleah. Just enjoy the joy.