bread and circuses

We had a fun Christmas. A full, loud, joyful, Christmas filled with families. We had laughter and games and cooking together and eating together, but there were also moments of peace and silence and chatting and heart to hearts. What a blessing family is.

And now we're home. And the best part of being home is that we both have time off. And the best part of Daryl having time off is that he bakes the most delicious bread. Last night we had a round loaf made out of baguette dough and cooked in Daryl's new bread cloche. Tonight it's pita bread. Some cooked in the frying pan some cooked on the bbq.

I'll let you know which wins.


Mom said...

Ditto about Christmas. I find it too quiet around here now :) Kind of nice but kind of sad . Lots of good memories to hold onto . I just knew Daryl would be making bread as soon as he could! Must drop in for some yummy warm homemade bread soon along with bringing you your new table. Loved having you both here , thanks for the memories. Love and hugs

pamero said...

Best bread maker ever! Well, best bread maker I know, anyway.