now that's a birthday party!

Poor Daryl. If you remember this post you will remember that the poor boy didn't get much of a birthday seeing as his mouth was a gaping hole of... well, we don't need to remember that part... And we said that when he felt up to it we'd go out for a delicious meal and celebrate both our birthdays. Well, Daryl had an even better idea. Steven and Andrew's steaks. (the store is actually called something else now, but to us they'll forever be Steven and Andrew's steaks). These steaks are so good, the first time we had them we decided we'd never go out for steak again. THEY'RE THAT GOOD. They're also a bit pricey. But not as pricey as they'd be in a restaurant. Sooooo goooood. So, we invited some friends over and finally had a birthday party for Daryl. I'm such a bad wife I didn't even put candles in his jello to celebrate a little bit so I felt like I owed him.

First things first. Decorations. I just happened to have Becky's leftover wedding flags that I sewed for her so up they went. (wouldn't they look even cuter with Happy Birthday letters on them? I might save that for a winter project).
Next Daryl used his new baguette pan to bake some a-moh-zing baguette. He said he needs to practice pinching off the bottom, but I like the baguette bum. This baguette bum was enjoyed with brie and havarti and Irish guinness cheddar and olives and tiny pickled onions... oh... my mouth is watering...

Steaks? Check. Delicious steaks? Check Check. Steaks so good they make Corrie want to cry? Check Check Check Check Check. It's kind of pathetic, but I am SUCH a meat lover.

Don't forget a cake! Or in this case a chocolate cheesecake flan. Yummy. But it turned out more like a cheesecake without the crust. Still delicious but not very flan-ny. And in this photo it kind of looks like dog-youknowwhat, but trust me. Delicious. (ps. those are my new melamine appy plates. Aren't they adorable? I got them half price at Safeway. No more wasting a plate for a muffin or piece of toast!)

And finally, who can have a birthday party without treat bags? Or in this case paper stars stuffed with candies? I think that will turn into a Christmas craft for the kiddies. So cute!

Add some wine and great friends and you've got a birthday party worthy of my favourite guy.

And the best part is we used the leftover baguette for what we like to call brulee french toast. But I added lots of sugar this morning and they turned out pretty brulee and smokey. But still tasty as allgetout.

And the best best part is we still have baguette and steak left. I'm thinking steak sandwiches for supper tonight. And that makes me think of Steak Me Home Tonight which makes me think of my new favourite show, Happy Endings which just happens to be on tonight! Hooray!

Let the festivities continue!

*and just in case you suspect we're lying about having friends and have simply imagined them up it's just 'cause, true to form, we didn't take a single photo last night so I had a fun morning of staging everything and having a photo shoot. Time well wasted...


Court said...
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Court said...

Ahhh, why is so hard to leave a comment today??

Okay, this is what I had to say...


MOM said...

WOW! I would say that this birthday spread made up more than enough for the one he did not have on his birthday. Nice arrangements and the food looks sooo delicious.

p.s. May birthday is coming up; some nice food like that would make me very happy. :)

pamero said...

Ooooh, fun party!! I'm jealous I wasn't there!