giving thanks

We had a beautiful thanksgiving weekend out at the cottage. The weather was incredible, just right for taking long walks, skipping stones, and picking poison ivy berries (ouchie-mama for everyone who came down with it, sorry about making everyone pick those pretty, white berries... who knew?) Of course the highlight was the kids... and the meal... andtherakingandthe playingofgamesandthepiesandandand... too many highlights!

The girls had fun playing outside on the swings ("spin me, spin me!"). And I had fun spinning them and then making them walk, he he.

And jumping in the leaves. Not so much jumping as just walking into, but it's a good start.

Some of our Thanksgiving decorations that so many people paid the price for. They're especially beautiful knowing that so many of you itched and oozed for them : (

The evening ended with a fire out back and laughter and talking and the singing of many songs (Five little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away...) I love this shot of Melodie with two of her many uncles.

I hope Christmas is just as good. After all, we'll have two new, little people to impress!

*photos all thanks to Justin. You all know I'd never remember to take our camera out for Thanksgiving!


Court said...

Looks like a good weekend was had by all! I'm sorry to have missed it :(

pamero said...

Yah, that was fun. One super good part? Daryl's delicious Naan bread friday night ...oh mannnn! So good. And hey, at least the poison ivy didn't really set in until the weekend was over!