guess who had a birthday!

And guess who spent his whole birthday painting our kitchen? Whatta guy!

Kay, now guess who didn't even lift one single paintbrush (even though it was her husband's birthday) and, instead, sat on the couch eating olives? Any guesses?

We didn't do a lot because Daryl just had a molar and a wisdom tooth out so his mouth wasn't really up to a fancy meal. Instead we enjoyed poutine from La Poutinerie (it's nice and soft and melty) and went to a rather bizarre movie (Drive... very strange). We'll probably end up celebrating both our birthdays somewhere a bit swanker (and without strange movies, although, I can't guarantee it). He did get the rather thoughtful gifts of an artisan bread baking book (from Pam and Don) and a baguette pan (who would have thought I could store an idea away in my mind and actually retrieve it at the right moment! Usually the thought is retrieved two weeks too late.) It's kind of like the gift that keeps on giving, I give Daryl some bread pans and he bakes me bread. I like it.

Oh! And guess which lemons finally made it into lemonade?

Just in time to celebrate our new, citrus coloured walls! Delicious!


Mom - Pat said...

Your kitchen colour is fab looking, I love it! So cheery and fresh looking. Good choice of colour and good painting, Daryl. Looking forward to birthday celebrations in the Van family soon :)

Court said...

Happy birthday Daryl! I love how you're wearing painting pants and everything to paint the kitchen!

The colour is awesome! Beautiful mellow yellow!
The lemonade looks tasty too.