september summer

What beautiful weather we're having, it's like summer is never going to end! I wish...

And so a photo list of my favourite summer things on this September summer day:

Yup. My clothesline. My dad made it for me. "Don't fall over the edge while you're hanging things" he kindly warned me. But then added that the clothesline would catch me. Nice.

Sweet, sweet watermelon. Doesn't this one look just like candy? Sooo good.

Oh, canvas green shoes, how I love you. I'm sorry my toe nail is cutting a hole through you. Every time I wear these I feel like I should be at a clam bake in Cape Cod!*

My other shoes that I love. I just got them at super store for $4.98! Aren't they a great colour**? And I love them with my favourite summer dress...

My shoes don't love me back though. I had a huge blister from walking in them. Thankfully Nicole had a bandaid I could use and it just happened to compliment the shoes. I always try to match my bandaids to my outfit.***

My lemons brightly waiting to be squeezed into lemonade. But they're so pretty I might just wait a couple of days : )

*Don't like clams and have never been to Cape Cod, just sounds like a place and activity that my shoes belong at.
**Notice my anklet? It was made for my by Naomi, just out of the blue. I love those kinds of gifts.
***Not really.


Terry's Girl said...

great blog Corrie...i have been aching to get back into it with all the scheduling and routine setting in again i am feeling a draw to get back...i think you have just inspired me.
p.s. Love those 4.98 superstore finds, its how i roll too!

ccap said...

LOVE the lemon and watermelon photos!