wah! my brain is dead!

Does anyone else get dead brain from looking up too many children's crafts? I seriously think looking at kid's crafts online has turned my brain into melted goo. I can't feel it anymore. In looking for "Abraham and Sarah" crafts I found myself caught up in this. What is it? I'm not completely sure. But I'm pretty sure I just spent half an hour looking at some random Jewish people's conservative wedding. Congrats, you two. L'Chaim!

I also found this doozy.

What the what? Who would want to make this little catastrophe? I'm sure as heck that Abraham and Sarah wouldn't have wanted to live in a tent that ugly. The good news is that they soaked the paper towel in glue so that it stiffens properly. Great. Now Junior can poke out his eye on the way home from Sunday School with his godawful tent.

Sigh... I think I still have to find, like, a kabillion more crafts for this series...

Maybe I'll just give the kids a pile of dirt and tell them to be happy.


Daryl said...

For those of you who visited the L'Chaim link, did anyone else immediately think that some of the yarmulkes looked very similar to Melodie and Annika's watermelon hats?

ccap said...

Corrie, I have no idea what you think is wrong with that tent. It's brilliant. Would definitely remind me of a tent A&S might have lived in.

Wow! If that's all you've got as a craft idea folks then (a) maybe it's a craft-free Sunday and (b) don't put a photo of it on the internet. Sometimes we come up with eversosimple rather pathetic crafts but we would NEVER photograph them. It's to remain our own private little embarrassment (much like 96% of the stuff that's on facebook but that's a whole other issue).