corrie talks to god and god talks to corrie

c: Are you there?

g: Yep.
c: You sure?
g: I'm still here.
c: I'm sorry I'm so prickly lately.
g: I can fit between the prickles just fine.
c: I'm sorry I called you a jerk the other day.
g: That's okay. I'd rather you talk to me than not.
c: I'm not doing so well these days.
g: I know.
c: It hurts a lot again.
g: I know.
c: Can I just be selfish for a while and stay with Daryl where it's safe?
g: Sure.
c: Do I have to be nice to people?
g: Yes.
c: Even when I'm in a bad mood and just want to be at home under a blanket and sleep until things get better again?
g: Yes.
c: Can I eat a lot of junky foods and be lazy?
g: Will that make you feel better?
c: No.
g: Then don't do it.
c: I don't know what to do or how to make things better.
g: I do. Just rest your mind for awhile.
c: I'm not so good at that.
g: I know, but you'll learn.
c: Hey, God?
g: Yep.
c: Do you think you could inspire Daryl to make more of those Yorkshire puddings for supper again tonight?
g: I think I just did.


Anonymous said...

Corrie I'm so sorry.

Mom said...

Corrie, I wish I could make it all better for you with just a cuddle and a kiss and maybe distracting you by getting you to bake cookies with me ( it was so much easier to make you feel better when you were my little girl) My love and prayers are with you always.

P.S. You could come over this Saturday to make cookies if you want :)

Court said...

I wish I could do more than watch helplessly from the sidelines. Although, from the sideline, I am cheering for you, believing in you and loving you.

I hope you find peace and healing soon.