paris like i've never seen it before

We're staying with a phenomenal guy we met through couchsurfing and he is showing us a Paris I never knew about. For starters, he had the table set and food out for us when we got up in the morning (the kettle was even boiled, how did he know when we'd be ready?) and he's been giving us all sorts of hints about places to visit, where the cheap restaurants are, etc. I didn't even know the Latin Quarter existed in Paris and we ended up having a delicious (and cheap!) supper there.

This morning his schedule was clear and he even came in to the city with us and showed us around. We learned so much! So many little details that you wouldn't even learn from guide books. It was amazing!

Daryl and I in front of The Moulin Rouge. We were standing on top of a vent and it kept blowing up my skirt!
Pierre explaining how a Mon. Poulbot decided that he needed to help the orphans and street children running around Paris so he built and orphanage for them (or several). The kids were not the best behaved so soon any kids who were running in the street became known as Poulbots. As in "Mais, entendez ce Poulbot qui fait du bruit!"
The four of us in front of Sacre Coeur. Amazing no matter how many times you see it. And we had a beautiful day to walk up the hill and it in the sunshine!


Terry's Girl said...

That last picture of the four of you needs to make it to a frame....i hope to follow in your foot steps one day...vivre la vie

ccap said...

Comment 1: Your skirt blowing up in Montmartre - specifically the Moulin Rouge district? Doesn't that somehow seem apropos?

Comment 2: I'm jealous.

Comment 3: Ah, the Sacre Coeur. Still beautiful, especially in the blue.

Comment 4: Abby wants to know who took the last photo. She seemed rather concerned.

mmichele said...

Pierre!? Like as in Boyer?

Court said...

Looks like so much fun! And Terry's Girl is right, that last pic needs to be framed!

Mom said...

Thanks for such a fantastic picture blog! What great precious, fun memories it brought forward of us in Paris :) My heart is overjoyed knowing you are all having such wonderful memory making times together.
All is well here. Our thoughts, love and prayers are with you everyminute of everyday. Hugs and kisses to all.

Mom said...

Dream come true! You are travelling Europe with the most loving person in your life, your mate, your best
friend , just as you dreamed :) Praise be to God!
Love You so much.