it's gotta be thursday somewhere!

No Whiney Wednesday for me this week : ) I'm skipping straight to a Thursday Thirteen.

Things I Have Spent Time Enjoying This Week:
1. Bonita Portugal! How lovely! How wonderful! I can see why all the Romantics came to Sintra to live.
2. The smell of salt in the air - so invigorating and refreshing. I can understand why people believe in the healing properties of the sea air.
3. Having our own kitchen to make meals and keep food in. Soooooo nice.
4. Delicious (even if it was kinda cheap) steak and pan fried potatoes. Yum.
5. On the same note, cheap wine that is still pretty darn good.
6. The grocery stores in Portugal. Even the little ones that look like holes in the wall are fully stocked with decent produce and not very expensive at all.
7. Traipsing through tunnels in the dark at Quinta da Regaleira, this mansion and extensive grounds that an eccentric man had built a hundred years ago. He built in these tunnels to lead from his waterfalls to his wells to his chapel to his house. CRAZY but a lot of fun when all four of you are giggly and kind of scared about what's unseen in the dark.
8. Waking up in the mornings and seeing what the day is like through the skylight right above our bed.
9. Not being the one to have to drive on the crazy up and down and all around streets. I had enough of that in England. And that was on the other side of the road, to boot.
10. Sunshine. Glorious sunshine. I can feel my skin just absorbing it and saving it for the long months of winter ahead (I wish).
11. Believe it or not, the cats that live here. They're so friendly and mew and yip and talk to us all the time. They're like little puppies in cat form (and they stay outside) (and I don't have to pet them).
12. Fresh buns and bread and baguette. Oh, mama. Especially when coupled with cheese. And trioed with tomato.
13. Having a quartet of travellers. I remember what it was like to be alone and seeing all these incredible things and yet I would still be jealous when I'd see a group of friends go by laughing at a shared joke. Sigh... now I'm laughing at the shared joke. And it's hilarious.

And one thing I haven't enjoyed:
1. Stubbing my toe on a marble slab that led into a very dark bathroom. OOOOUUUCCCCHHH!


ccap said...

Let me think for a moment? Yup, I checked, still jealous.

Terry's Girl said...

Oh yeah, i just did a double check too...add me to the list of those who are jealous.
Keep on keepin on, then sharing your pictures and stories for the rest of us who are envious.

Mom said...

I am so full of happiness for you Corrie :) Sharing such a fanastic trip with the people you love most. Blessings from Heaven for sure to you who deserves it so muchly.