holland (my second home)

So... haven't posted as many posts as I had hoped while we were in Europe, but finding places to connect to the internet has been a challenge, so I don' t feel too bad. Plus, at the end of the day I had things to do and places to see and didn't want to be sitting in front of a computer screen when I could be enjoying a drink at a little cafe, or walking along a beach, or... you get the picture.

We've just spent an enormously enjoyable day with my dear Dutch friends, Miriam and Richard. They have three astoundingly beautiful children (and by beautiful I mean superficially and "on the inside") and we spent the afternoon biking and hiking and playing and running and collecting acorns and stones. So good.

And now we're getting ready for an evening of gourmet. Mmmmmm... can't wait. I'll post some photos of the big evening tomorrow (but don't hold me to it).


beckster said...

Oh man, they are beautiful. It is unfair to have kids that cute! And little dutch ones?! I think Tom and I might have to move to holland for a while.

Mom said...

I have tears looking at your pics and hearing what a great time you are having with Miriam and Richard and their precious children. Oh, how I hope and pray we will go there one day:)