wherein i rave about josh ritter... again

Favourite lines from his new album:

"I was thirsty so I drank, and though it was saltwater, there was something 'bout the way it tasted so familiar"

"I had a dream last night, and when I opened my eyes your shoulder blades your spine were shorelines in the moonlight. New worlds for the weary, new lands for the living. I could make it if I tried. I closed my eyes I kept on swimming."

"And the sky's so cold and clear the stars might stick you where you stand and you're only glad it's dark cause you might see the Master's hand and you might cast around forever and never find the peace you seek."

"Tell me what's the point of light that you have to strike a match to find?"

"After that it got colder, the world got quiet, it was never quite day or quite night and the sea turned the colour of sky turned the colour of sea turned the colour of ice."

And my two ultimate favourites:

"So throw away those lamentations we both know them all too well. If there's a book of jubilations we'll have to write it for ourselves. So come and lie beside me darling and let's write it while we still got time."

"I'm not afraid of the dark, so if the stars get scarce and you reach for him and honey he's not there, just a long shadow across your heart, you can reach for me I'm not afraid of the dark."


ccap said...

Ahh. Got your tickets already?

pamero said...

FRICK!!! I've got to go get my ticket. Also, I think I could listen to this album non stop. In fact I am.