all hail the chore calendar

We have a new system in this household. We have assigned a specific chore to a specific day. This is to help those of us who find themselves doing all the chores be helped out by those of us who forget what needs to be done (or that it needs to be done at all).

And I gotta say, I really like it. Today as I was tidying (because Teusday is tidy and organize) and I was dusting around my pile of books in the kitchen

(which reminded me of one of the nicest compliments I've received - my aunt was coming over for the first time and they weren't sure which condo in the building was ours. As they trekked up to the third storey she spotted a pile of books through the kitchen window and thought, "That must be their place, only Corrie would keep a huge pile of books in the kitchen.")

and as I tidied, I thought, "Man, I should probably do the bathrooms next." But, no! I approached the marvellous calendar of chores upon my knees with head bowed and beheld that tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day so I heeded the chore calendar, happily putting the thought out of my head and sat down with my book and half a banana muffin instead.

How glorious.

A side benefit is that those of us who have had a hard time remembering what needs to be done have been super-trememdous chore do-ers this past week.

Thank you chore calendar.


Mom said...

Yeah, for chore calendars! Happy to hear you followed through with that thought and that it is working out to the benefit of those
who work sooo hard :)

Mom said...

I love some of those word verifica
tions. The one I just got was
grambrat. Very interesting! Is it
a secret way of someone telling me that I am a bratty gradma!?? :)

Terry's Girl said...

It sounds so simple. =/
So many times we have tried the chore charts. We are trying a new one right now as a matter of fact.How quickly we fall. Good job on sticking with it, I truely know how hard it is.

pamero said...

Ha ha ha!! I don't think I've ever been on my knees at our calendar...but I probably should be! Good luck chorers! btw, we're coming over tonight to 'inspect'! And we want a free supper!