don't get too excited, mom


I enjoy a smoothie every day at work for breakfast because:
a. yogurt and fruit and flax and wheat germ and orange juice are good for you and low fat.
b. it means I can get up fifteen minutes later due to not having to eat breakfast at home.
c. we have a blender at work that I can blend everything in.
d. it's the perfect way to eat breakfast without having to stop to eat.
e. I'm just the kind of person who enjoys routine and having a smoothie every day for breakfast for the past five months has suited me just fine.

But, horror of horrors! I forgot to buy yogurt this weekend and I was totally out. No secret reserves, no making due with one lonely little yogurt cup, nothing frozen in the freezer, none. And by the time I realized it on Sunday night, all the stores were closed. Except Young's - the Asian food market just down the street from us.

Now, I'm not sure if it's just inconvenient to carry or if the Asian population just doesn't eat a lot of dairy products, but they have like, nothing for dairy. Maybe a four litre of two percent milk. And ice-cream (mostly including interesting things like sweet purple yam). But that's it.

What else was I to do? I love my smoothies in the morning! I bit the bullet and bought... hold your breath and say a prayer for me... flavoured custard tofu. I got banana because I thought it would probably go the best with my fruit and I dutifully took it to work with me the next day.

And you know what? Not bad. It had the exact same texture as my regular yogurt and only one gram of fat. I would add more fruit next time because I could taste the ground flax seed pretty strongly but other than that pretty good. I was even looking forward to finishing off the container in the next morning's smoothie.

But it was not to be. As I was getting supper ready I pulled out a container and something watery spilled out on me and I was so grossed out, I had no idea what it was that had gone bad. It was so bad it had turned white and watery. I dumped it into the sink and as it went down the drain I smelled banana and realized I had just dumped out the rest of the tofu. Daryl had put it away for me and I totally didn't recognize what it was. I was kinda sad.



pamero said...

ha ha! 'Kinda' is right. ugh. Good riddance tofu. I have a sadder story. Don and I are also addicted to smoothies. We have them nearly every morning. We always add a little milk to top it off and get our calcium, but... yesterday don went to add milk to our lovely blender filled to the brim with the good stuff -banana, froz. strawberries, blueberries, yougurt, wheat germ, OJ- so, he dumped it in just as I said, "Is that milk chunky?" Oh boy. It was. And oh boy, does milk travel quickly down the still blender, souring everything. Sigh. It was very sad to dump out the whole thing, but I just don't think I coulda done it. Luckily we had another banana in the freezer. Better sniff that milk first next time Don. ;)

Mom said...

I have to try making a tofu smoothie!!! Never thought of it before your blog. There should be some good receipes on the net. ? eh!!