how well do I know myself?

Man, I hate those security questions. I mean, I know at some point they presented me with all the questions and now they're just using the answers I gave them, but it's like I was scared that I was actually going to be able to get into my own account and tried to lock myself out. I don't even remember answering the initial questions. I think my brain has erased it from my memory in the event that I try to do online banking.

I mean, c'mon! What is your favourite vegetable? Brocolli? Nope. Broccoli? Nope. Cauliflower? Nope. Snap Peas? Nope.

Kay, those are all my favourite vegetables, even accounting for my bad spelling. How can it not be one of those? Had I just had a plateful of eggplant and thought, "Gee, eggplant is my new favourite vegetable!" Or was I afraid that someone who was trying to break into my account would have an intimate knowledge of my vegetable preferences so I gave an answer that was untrue just to trick the thief? And if so, WHAT VEGETABLE DID I GIVE AS AN ANSWER?


Eventually I got a new question. What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Finally, a question, without a doubt, I know the answer to.

But maybe I should change it. After all, if I know the answer so easily won't the online hacker thief be able to figure it out?

Hmmm... maybe eggplant. No one would guess eggplant...


Damero said...

Ha Ha! I Know that Tiger Tiger is your favorite ice cream flavor. :)

... Right?

Daryl said...

How about Favourite Fruit? Answer: Rotten, mushy, wet, 50% off kiwis.

beckster said...

To Daryl: Yum.

pamero said...

But Daryl's answer would be good. And really hard for a hacker to break. But I guess they do have some kinda character limit, huh? Darn.