50% heaven

This is my new favourite thing. When I walk through SuperStore or Extra Foods my eyes are peeled looking for this sticker.

Now, I've always been pretty thrifty.

The Van A's, in general, have been thrifty conservationists before it was even cool to be a thrifty conservationist.

We don't use more water, power, toilet paper, hand soap, clothing, vehicles, or food than is strictly necessary. Sometimes a little *too* strict, if you ask me. I remember a period when my mom must have been exhausted of buying package after package of toilet paper (but there were seven of us in the house after all!) and we were all put on a three piece ration. And I think we all experienced the removal of the lightbulb from the socket when my dad had caught the light on in our empty bedrooms one too many times...

So, yes, I come by it honestly.

And it's not so much the money issue as it is not wanting to consume more than we absolutely need to or not wanting to waste.

And the things I've been finding with this coupon on them are incredible! Strawberries, a whole bag full of kiwis, fresh herbs, mustard, red peppers, yoghurt, fresh green beans, ancient grains bread (I don't even know what an ancient grain is), ground beef, chocolates, fresh chicken.... all within the expiration date and just a little banged up. It's gotten to the point where I simply go to the discount section to find out what we are having for meals that week.

I love it. It's like a combination of bargain shopping for food and a cooking challenge. What can I make with this....?

Anyway, not everyone in our two person household is loving it. But I'm the one who does the grocery shopping and the cooking (mostly) so I figure it's only fair. And our bank account sure appreciates it...

And, I have to remember, when we first met I was horrified* when it was admitted that he turned on the water for a shower to let it "heat up" and then would walk away, LETTING IT RUN for ten minutes or longer.

He doesn't do that anymore, thank the heavens above, so maybe he'll come around on this, too**.

*And I do mean horrified. I couldn't even pull off the I-don't-know-you-very-well-so-I-can't-let-on-how-shocked-I-am-face.
**I feel I have to point out that I've made my fair share of compromises, too, it's not all one sided... I am typing this on a Mac, after all, and we do have an obscenely enormous television in the next room.


Damero said...

You should write a book Corrie, everything you say is just so clever.
Oh and remind me to give Daryl a kick to the chops!!!

beckster said...

Holy Shnikeys! I can't even believe that. I know Daryl is a little crazy in some areas....BUT 10 MINUTES! I still feel bad for taking more that 7 minutes to shower!

Good think I love you Daryl!

pamero said...

ha ha ha ha.
That was a funny read.
I like that you make it a cooking challenge!
(And I like reaping the benefits from your 'surprise' cooking...suppers at your house the past couple of weeks have been quiiiiiiite tasty!)