is it just me....?

...or are there babies absolutely everywhere?

Down every street I walk, around every corner I turn, in every magazine, on every tv show... babies.

And on a similar note:

it seems to me that every other person on this planet is a pregnant woman.

Is anyone else feeling mocked by a world of procreation?


Anonymous said...

Not feeling like that right now but...
As a divorced, childless woman in her 40's I have shed my share of tears over this very topic. I defenitely had periods where I felt that the world was mocking me and extreme anger at GOD. How could he instill me with all these instincts, feeling and even giftedness to leave those desires unfulfilled. Sometimes, holding the newborns of friends and families was physically painful.
I cannot possibly know the depth of what you went through as I have never been pregnant. However, these thoughts I can defenitely share.
I am praying and thinking of you guys everyday.

Anonymous said...

Well I used to see pregnant women everywhere - now all I see is people who get along with their teenagers ...

love you, girl.

darien said...

I have felt it, before. Not so much now.

But brace yourself for Mother's Day my dear. That continues to be a day that hurts like crazy. And the first ones were especially difficult.

Hang in there...people are praying for you. People like me.

Evie said...

I had that feeling after Burt and I lost our first child. I was angry and resentful. It seemed like a cruel joke that all around me teenagers were having babies and I was still childless. I could barely be civil when my sister phoned to tell me she was pregnant. I cried my heart out when they had their daughter.
But, one day soon, you will be blessed and it will ease (although never erase) your pain.
You have lots of love and support and you are one of the strongest women I have ever met. I love you girl.