i am

I found this meme over at Fitful Thoughts. I like it.

I am: looking for a job
I think: too much, sometimes I wish I could let things rest in my mind
I know: that my husband loves me
I want: my own family *so* badly
I have: a bite plate that I hate wearing at night
I dislike: the bite plate, but also people who are thoughtless with their words
I miss: all that kicking, and nudging that went on in my belly
I fear: that pregnancy will never be a happy thing for us
I feel: like I might be getting the cold/flu that's going around
I hear: ambulance sirens on their way to the hospital just down the street
I smell: the enormous apple/cranberry strudel I made on Sunday and am still enjoying today
I crave: travel
I usually: travel more than I have in the last few years
I search: for random answers to random questions online
I wonder: how different life would be right now if I were still pregnant
I regret: times when I haven't let people know I feel for their sorrow
I love: quiet moments to reflect and drink life in
I care: about my husband's health (I need him around!)
I am always: ready to chat with my mom or sisters
I worry: about money
I remember: the love I've felt and the love I've given
I have: a brand new jacket (well, new to me) that I'm excited to wear
I dance: with children and that's about it
I sing: in church and hum the rest of the time
I don’t always: do my dishes when I should
I argue: in a nice way
I write: when I need to sort out my thoughts
I lose: things not as often as when I had pregnancy brain!
I wish: that it was okay to drink coke ALL THE TIME (but I don't, cause it isn't)
I listen: very hard for God's voice
I don’t understand: math
I can usually be found: lost in thought
I am scared: of sasquatches
I need: lots of sleep
I forget: a lot of the bad stuff and try to hold on to the good
I am happy: when Daryl and I cuddle together on the couch

and one I'm adding:
I hope: that heaven is like a big reunion and the people who knew us and love us are telling our son about who his parents are and telling him all sorts of stories about us.


Terry's Girl said...

This was such a good exercise. I an right there with you on the math and the bite plate thing, though mine is a retainer.

Mom said...

That is quite a list Cor. I am also wishing and have been dreaming that Heaven is a big reunion too, and that Emmanuel is meeting and talking with all those
who know have loved you and known
you, especially your Grandma and Grandpas and Bill Read.

Carolyn Postma said...

Hey Corrie, I saw this comment:
I regret: times when I haven't let people know I feel for their sorrow. I never knew what to say to you about Emmanuel but I have thought of you almost everyday since I found out. You are in my prayers and my others (I have asked my family and a few priests to pray for you, Darryl and Emmanuel). You are an amazing person and I hope your next pregnancy is filled with hope and joy. Carolyn