We had a great time in Cuba. We hemmed and hawed over whether to stick to our original plans or delay the trip until next winter but we were both so glad that we went. (Those of you who KNEW it would be a good thing for us, thank you for being vocal about it, it was a good thing for us)

The thing that will stand out in my mind most when I think back and remember it was that somehow we were both just able to enjoy ourselves. And enjoy the pregnancy. From when we found out until we went I was using Daryl's large shirts to kinda hide my expanding belly... I just didn't want people's comments all the time or their looks of pity. But once we got there I realized it was pretty difficult not to look pregnant while wearing tank tops and bathing suits. And what's more, I realized I was happy to show off our baby. This wasn't just a trip for Daryl and me, this was a trip for our little family. We imagined he could feel the warmth of the weather, the brightness of the sun (a new experience for him!), hear the booming, live Cuban music every night, and could feel each caress when we stroked my fat little belly.

We each had our moments of sadness, it was never far from our minds, but such sweet memories we now have, as well. Here are some of my favourite pictures...

The view from our balcony. We got to wake up to this every morning!

BBQ lunch on "Cuba Day"

Oh baby, baby! Daryl kept looking at me the whole week and saying
(rather proudly, I might add) "I can't believe *I* did that to you!"
That's my husband, folks. Whatta guy.

Daryl making a break for Florida.

The only time I've ever worn a bikini in public!
It's so liberating when you're *supposed* to have a fat belly.
ps. That's not a sunburn on my belly, I was very careful with the sunscreen,
it's some kind of weird rash I got from the saltwater.
I'm responsible, I swear!

Fidel and his cigar.

One of the afternoons we borrowed bikes and headed out to explore a bit.
Who knew that even biking works out those abs?
It's amazing the things you learn when your uterus is in the way.

Our last night in Cuba. A nice meal, a nice restaurant, and beautiful memories.


pamero said...

Oh boy, those are some nice shots. You're kinda making me wish we did go with you guys!! And by the way, I'm glad your wearing more of your mat. clothes now, because, boy you make them look good! Although really, if you wanted to continue wearing Daryl's oversized clothes I'm sure you could have borrowed one of his bathing suits for the trip! (Personally, I'm glad you chose the bikini-it looked smashing!) Good decision.

Terry's Girl said...

Corrie, you looked amazing in that bikini, what a great shot of you in the water. Beautiful.
It was one year ago this week we were in Cuba, seeing your pictures brought back the fab time we had as well, I could almost smell it. :) Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

ccap said...

Oh man, you beat me to it. I was going to ask what it was like being in Cuba with Fidel himself. Sigh.

mmichele said...

Gorgeous bikini shot. And my my Darryl does look suspiciously like Fidel.

Glad you went, too!

Linda said...

What everyone else said...

Pam said...

Hi Corrie, I love the pictures! I'm not so sure of my brother looking remarkably like Castro, though. Really, you like the beard??!! hee hee