kyrie eleison

I warn you that this post may not make much sense. I do plan on putting up more updates in the future, but for now this is about all I can manage.

We have found out definitely that our baby has Trisomy 18. If you want to know more about it you can look it up. I'm exhausted of the endless searches and trying to find out more. I don't know if the information helps or hinders.

After feeling somewhat desperate about our situation I was offered the revolutionary idea of not trying to solve everything all at once, or make decisions about what the future will hold, but to simply take each day as it comes. One thing that goes through my head about 70 times a day is simply, "I can do today."

We have decided to continue with our trip to Cuba. The wonderful nurse at the fetal assessment unit (I think of her in my mind as "the kind lady at the hospital who so gently does God's work) assured us that there is no more risk right now than a typical pregnancy would have and that she thought it would be good for us to go. Along with the encouragement of family and friends we thought it would be a good escape, a bit of a distraction, and a way to just be together. We leave tomorrow.

We feel God's presence with us in a moment to moment way. He has been so good to supply us with abundant family and friends to encourage, love, pray for, and even protect us. We are ever aware of His faithfulness and goodness to us and to our baby. We have picked the name Emmanuel for him because it means "God is with us" and we are confident of God's closeness to us and especially to our tiny son.

I awake and drift to sleep with an almost forgotten song in my mind. I guess a time of desperate need caused the words to be dredged up from my memory...

Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.


Anonymous said...

Oh Corrie. I am so very very sorry.
I will pray for "moments of light" for you in Cuba.