When did it change from, "Oh, no! Careful with my new cutlery set that I love so much! Don't just toss them into the drawer, place them carefully one on top of the other so they don't get scratched!" to, "I don't know where your needlenose pliers are. Just hand me one of those little dessert forks so I can pry this staple out of the wood."


Terry's Girl said...

Ah ha ha...Terry? Is that you? I wish we could have had a before and after picture of Terry's pre-kids and after kids drawers..the forks no longer line up like shiney sholders I can tell you that. And what is that in there..? cheese? oh not good.
I look forward to hearing how your towels no longer all face the same direction as well.

Bear said...

Yes, Pre-kids,yes organization in all it's forms...Hmmm. I remember those days well.. Now it feels good just to find the thing you are actually are looking for.

pamero said...

What? Living with me for as long as you did didn't train you to do that??...oh with me for as long as you did probably was the reason you were so careful!! ha ha :P