long, looooong weekend

We just spent a spontaneous week at the cottage. We were only supposed to go out for the long weekend, but stayed for the following week as well. One of the benefits to one of us being self-employed and one of us having a job they can do anywhere, I suppose.

The thing is, we haven't gone anywhere this summer. No real holidays other than a four day canoe trip in August, we've had to content ourselves on our somewhat frequent long weekends at the cottage.

But this week was like a holiday. It was fantastic.

We ate yummy food, the weather couldn't have been better, visited with friends, o.d.'d on jumbo freezies, played games, got creative, read to my heart's content, and even spent one day on a somewhat deserted island, basking in the sun, frolicking on the beach, and having a mid-day hot-dog roast on the sand.

I felt like I was living in a movie, or had flown a thousand kilometres away from my real life.

It was wonderful.

And then I read this quote about going to a place that never changes to find out all the ways you've changed, and I thought it had been the exact opposite for me.

Spending a week at the cottage was like learning that no matter how life changes around me, I'm still the same Corrie who was a baby there, and a toddler, and child, and teenager, and single adult, and married adult.

Still the same Corrie who prefers jumbo blue freezies to any other flavour.

And that I find a certain amount of comfort in that.


pamero said...

It was actually a little bit ridiculous how much I enjoyed that week. And it's funny how all the *white* freezies I ate can make you feel like such a kid again. I think we've decided to spend at least one week straight there every year.