a modest shower

We were both surprised to meet each other there
- in the shower -
both as naked as God made us.
We kept our eyes on the walls, on the drain,
up high or way low, as modesty demanded.
We exchanged common pleasantries,
"Oh, good morning!"
"Ahem, and good morning to you."
But there isn't much space in the shower
and so we did a polite, little dance
our circle of personal space
shrinking and shrinking.

I washed my hair,
keeping one eye open, and in return getting one eye full of soap.
Unused to having company in such a personal setting.
I washed my toes,
and briefly wondered about my bare bottom
exposed to my audience of one
and what might be going on behind me.

Oh, the delight and the terror!

It went carefully,
so carefully,
my morning shower with the bee.


mmichele said...

You are brilliant.

Daryl said...

Update... I killed the Bee. Let that be a lesson to you all.

pamero said...

Oh thank goodness you commented Daryl...I was beginning to fear your nickname was 'the bee'.
hahahahahahaha ha.

beckster said...

Hahaha, 'the bee'...I just might start calling you that Daryl!

Daryl said...

I prefer the bee to Mr. Ladder.