well that was embarassing...

Also titled:
The Continuing Misadventures of Corrie
starring Corrie as herself

I'm on a network called freecycle where you can find out about stuff that people don't need anymore and would like to give away. You can contact them and then go and pick up whatever it is. You can also get rid of stuff that you don't want anymore, too. It's great, like a constant supply of hand-me-downs.

So, I see a cute little scooter thingy that I think my nephew Sam would just love, he's totally at that running around/exploring stage and it seems like a perfect fit. I email the people offering it, arrange a pick up time, and we're all set. To make it easier, she's going to leave the scooter outside on the step so I can just grab it whenever I go by. Great.

So off I go, running some errands, going here and there, pull out the address and drive over to the street where the house is that has a little scooter in front of it. I'm driving, looking at the house numbers, trying not to hold up traffic and I spot it! I park, jump out of the car, grab the scooter and am walking back to the car when I hear a woman say, "Excuse me!"

I turn around, wanting to say thanks for the scooter, and letting her know that I am *indeed* the person from freecycle who's supposed to come pick it up. I smile. "Hi," I say.

"That's my daughter's toy," the woman says. I look down at the scooter in my hands. I look at the house number. Not the right number. I look at my car sitting at the curb, trunk open for me to shove in the booty and make a getaway. I look at the woman in horror.

After profusely apologizing and explaining the situation the woman laughs (but kinda nervously, like she's in the presence of a thief) and explains how sad her daughter would be if she lost that scooter (like I was still considering taking it). I apologize again, saying how thankful I was that she saw me and stopped me, and leave, laughing, but still red faced.

There, down the street, at the right house, with the right number is another scooter out in front of a house. I look around, grab the scooter, stick it in the trunk and leave.

Enjoy that scooter, Sammy.
Enjoy that scooter.


pamero said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha ha ha. ha. haha. ha. Even hearing the second time is still funny. Maybe even funnier. aha ha. ha. you are good for a joke Mrs.Van Aertselaer. You are good.

ccap said...

Oh goodness! That is a delight!

Terry's Girl said...

Holy Cow! If that lady wasn't there...that little girl would have had to learn one of life's "valueable lessons". What a story. thanks for sharing.

Damero said...

I wish Corrie would leave more stories of her adventures here. I love reading her stuff.