Yesterday was quite the day at work. I had a VIP table in my section and didn't get to the wine opening or pouring as quickly as they would have liked. And seeing that he is our wine supplier and was having lunch with a man who owns the company that bottles one of the wines we sell, it was kind of an important table. But I couldn't muster up the energy to care. Not even a little bit. At one point, they poured their own wine (horror of horrors). And as my manager and fellow server were freaking out behind me I slowly meandered over and asked if they needed anything else. (Now, just so you know, I'm not a lazy server. There are good reasons why I thought they were done with the wine and I'm a server, not a mind reader) The table was very gracious about it and still left a very generous tip but the experience left me making up a list in my head of things that I'm very good at that don't involve the restaurant, wine pouring, taking orders, memorizing specials, or schmoozing people I could care less about. Even with my list, I didn't feel much better.

Then I came home and Becky called me. She was faced with a dilemma and didn't know whether she should pick up a shift at work for someone who wasn't feeling well or stay home and study for a physics test (she had mono and missed a lot of school and has had to make it up in the last little while. Physics has been the most challenging). After listening to her talk about it for a while I thought "this seems an awful lot like a question she should be asking our parents" and asked where dear old Mom and Dad were. She replied, "Mom's out for a walk and I asked Dad and he said I'd just have to decide what was more important so I thought 'I know, I'll call Corrie.'"

And right then and there I knew exactly what was important to me and what wasn't. I really don't care much about some stupid restaurant and a stupid table and even what the rest of the staff think about my serving skills, good or bad. I have a sixteen year old sister who calls me up for advice that is important in her day to day life. And I thought, how many people can say they have a teenager who respects them enough to ask them for advice?

Thanks for making my day, Bec. I hope I never tell you what you *should* do but always talk through what you want to do and help you see both sides of an issue so you feel like you can make a good decision.

And you don't need to leave a tip.


Michele said...

my goodness. i had no idea that i should be horrified when called upon to pour my own wine.

whom shall i call upon next time i want a glass from the box that is in my cupboard?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to say this without sounding trite and patronizing so I hope you just take it for what it's worth:

That was a lovely post and it made me smile.


corrie said...

ccap: accepted for what it is and appreciated for what it is : )

michele: call me! I'll push the button to give you more wine (as long as I can have a glass, too)

corrie said...

Also... (I know this is my blog so I don't need to comment, I can just write a whole new post, but it's my blog and I can do whatever I want) my manager was again horrified about another incident of self-pouring. "They paid $65 for that bottle of wine!" Which made me think (but not say) paying $65 for a bottle of wine equates not having to pour it yourself? What would happen if someone paid $65 for a roll of toilet paper?

Michael said...

Well, obviously their arms are very sore and tired from hauling around their huge wallets.

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