my day

cereal with milk and toast with berry jam
spaghetti bolognaise with cheese baguette
wheat thins
apple with aged white cheddar
cold green tea with cranberry juice
wheat thins with aged white cheddar
cookies and milk

Ever have one of those days when the food you ate seems like the most significant part? I'm thinking this is a sign that my life is incredibly boring. Or really exciting and I can't be bothered to fill you in on all the thrilling details.


Michael said...

Every day.

corrie said...

Awww... I would feel sorry for you if it didn't also mean feeling sorry for myself. And self-pity is never the answer.

Wait... what was the question?

Michele said...

i thought that menu for the day looked delicious. understated. classy, even. the cheese must have been delicious if you had it twice.