just this

I don't really have much to say these days... life is just kinda passing me by... But I will say this: I love my new Jeremy Fisher cd and I loved seeing him in concert. It makes me long for folkfest and for summer. Which doesn't seem to be coming fast enough.



Anonymous said...

Well that's funny. I was JUST going to come on here and tell you to post something new and lo and behold you HAVE. Yay!

P.S. I love the new JF cd too. And so does Abby. She bopped to Goodbye Blue Monday just this morning.


pamero said...

I also am loving the cd via corrie and becky. And now I am wondering how I like J.F. this much without owning *any* of his cd's!
ooooh, my word verification starts with KGB today..is there something you are trying to tell us, corrie?