i did/i didn't

I don't really have anything to say, I just feel like I should post something. So, a list of things I did and didn't do this weekend:
1. I didn't work at the restaurant. Hooray!
2. I did stay up until 4:30am cleaning my apartment due to a combination of not wanting to sleep and having too much on my mind.
3. I didn't eat all three of the creme eggs I bought. I shared them.
4. I did make some delicious falafel that Pam and Don just aren't able to enjoy. Poor Pam and Don.
5. I didn't think more about my topic for my major paper like I told my professor I would.
6. I did sleep in really late after I stayed up 'til 4:30.
7. I didn't get woken up by the construction because it was saturday and only a few guys were working.
8. I did think about inspiration in relation to God.
9. I didn't feel guilty about buying a new bag that I got at this cool new shop just down the street from my house. I love it.
10. I did watch the movie Luther for the umteenth time. I really like it. I wish I could find courage and faith and honesty like that.


Anonymous said...

#8 - have you read Michael Card's Scribbling in the Sand?

Also ...I always think that song "I"ll bring you more than a song/for a song in itself/is not what You have required" could read "I"ll bring You more than a poem/short story/novel" :)

Michele said...

i did enjoy this post.

Miriam said...

we DID'NT had out monthly phonecall last sunday :-) .... was it my or your turn to make the call

Linda said...

Sounds like a good weekend, all in all.

ccap said...

Will you hate me a little bit if I end up buying a bag similar to yours?

Will you think I'm a pathetic copycatter?

Will you think I'm just a little bit of a SFW?

I DID, after all, shave my head and you already had done it once or twice. Oooooh. You'd better watch out! You'd better not buy new glasses or I'll show up with some just like them.

Oh man, not a 8 letter word verification. I HATE THOSE.

ccap said...

Oh my goodness, I meant SWF! Seriously, I'm a L.O.S.E.R.

And now I have to work through another frickin' 8 letter wordver to correct the stupidest error ever.

corrie said...

You can TOTALLY buy a bag like mine. They're awesome and it would be supporting a local artist/businesswoman. Go for it!

Plus, then we'd be bag buddies...

But if you buy a little black car and get your nose pierced I'll be too creeped out to be your friend anymore.

ccap said...

Ooooh, if we become bag buddies can we snub our noses at Pam? What fun!

Hey, wanna stop emailing all together and just communicate via comments? He, he.

pamero said...

oh no, that's fine.
Be bag buddies.
But JUST so corrie knows, she wouldn't even have her awesome bag if not for me...
..and yes I am just jealous, I was going to buy that one.

Michele said...

did you tell her to buy it, pam?