x + z = y

I just spent the day (well, most of the day) christmas shopping. Week before Christmas + how much I hate shopping in general = not a happy Corrie. As much as I want to complain about it there was some good stuff.

We went out for lunch and had to wait in line a long time while under the time restrictions of a lunch break.
I got to eat lunch at one of my favourite places with my favourite friends (and we thought enough ahead to pre-order when we were standing in line so got our food pretty quickly once we sat down).
I walked into walmart to pick up a few things I needed (and like needed, needed, not just wanted needed).
I was overwhelmed by the craziness and recognized that my soul would slowly die and my eyes would start to glaze over if I stood in line for even a nanosecond so I put my things down on a pile of boxes of chocolates and ran out of the store.
I ran out of walmart without stuff that I needed needed and now I have to find some way to magically produce contact solution for myself.
My soul isn't dead.
We saw a mother letting her daughter (age 3 or so) erase the chalk menu at the restaurant we were eating in.
I glared at her.
We went to the mall and I had to hang out by myself while Pam was buying ultra-secret presents.
I can't think of anything good about being in the mall at this time of year but I'm sitting at home now drinking a rather generous glass of wine and it's taking the edge off.


corrie said...

Michele gave me a whole bottle of contact solution (thankyouthankyouthankyou) and I'm helping myself to another glass of wine.

ccap said...

(a) I'm glad to hear that your soul is not dead. I don't really want a soulless friend.

(b) Don't you be dipping into the wine too much. Save some for me!

Sheri said...

Oooh fantastic you got the contact solution you need!

I feel you about the mall I went to Polo Park on Saturday and felt the life ebbing from me as I stood in line. It was painful. I don't like malls at the best of times but especially at Christmas!

I have a craving for wine now...thank you. :)

pamero said...

hmmm...do I need to maybe pick up a *new* bottle of wine for tonight? :P

Linda said...

A glass of wine after a long day of anything is good.

celindy said...

If that ever happens again you can always visit my brother's store Kennedy Optical on Graham right by the Bay Downtown. It's never crowded in there and he has contact solution for sale. AND awesome glasses!! Of which I have many pairs!!

Celindy said...

Oh and if I don't see you soon MERRY CHRISTMAS!!