curl away, hair, curl away

So... it's been a while since I posted... and guess what I'm posting about... That's right. My blasted hair.

I had a fantastic time over christmas. I got to spend time with wonderful people who are my favourite people in all the world, I gave and received gifts that are fun and thoughtful (and some of them even practical), I worked an insane amount and had a mini-blowout (well, it was a full-out-blow-out but I managed to contain it until I stepped out of the doors at work), I have seen beauty this christmas, I think I've even learned a bit. I had an epiphanous moment. But I'm still going to post about my hair. All that background stuff was to let you know that I'm really not a shallow person who focuses on her hair 24/7. I'm not. Really.

It's just that is seemed so funny the other day when I was downstairs having tea with Michele and she sat with curlers in her hair (I hope this isn't betraying some kind of confidentiality we have). I went back upstairs and proceeded to blowdry and straighten the snot out of my hair and directly below me I could hear Michele blowdrying and knew she was trying to coax curl into her hair. It's just so odd, isn't it? I've been straightening my hair through this "awkward phase" while I give it a chance to grow out before I decide whether or not to chop it again. And it's been kind of fun.

That's a big kind of, by the way.

Because, as much as I hate spending half an hour on my hair in the mornings I do like having sleek hair that I can run my fingers through. Curly hair isn't sleek and if anyone ran their fingers through my hair when it was longer and curly I would have been sorely tempted to break their fingers. You just don't do that.

But. For the last couple of days I've been letting the curl... well... curl. And I have to admit... I think it looks better on me. I really do. And that's kind of sad because it's just so darn *cute*. And sometimes I just don't want to be cute. I want to be sleek and mysterious and too cool to brush my mysterious, sleek bangs out of my eyes.

But. Curly haired Corrie is the Corrie I know from travelling and from canoe trips and camping. She's the girl who isn't always worried about the fact that it might rain or snow on her hair, she's the girl who eats breakfast instead of fussing with her hair, she's the girl whose hair curls softly around her finger as she twirls it. I know her.

So, I think I'll retire my straightener for a while. Maybe I won't look sophisticated like I imagine, maybe my hair won't be the kind of hair that is so *in* right now, maybe I'm not meant to be mysterious. I might straighten it once in a while just for kicks, but it's time to embrace the fluff that is my hair.


Michele said...

i can't BELIEVE you just told people i wear curlers around the house.

Michele said...

and yes, i want some of that fluff.

ccap said...

And one day I will send Abby your way to help her learn to love her curls. :-)

Celindy said...

We always want what we don't have don't we!! I would love to have curly or wavy hair like my brother's!! :)

Linda said...

Michele wears curlers?????

I tried straightening my hair once and when I tried flinging the hair from my face, I stuck my finger in my eye. Sleek and mysterious? My eye. The curls are cute!

pamero said...

ha HA to everyone! See what happens when you encourage corrie to grow her hair out?
Exciting things. Learning,loving, cursing,curling. I just like to see people with their hair different ways. And once you're ready to shore (sp?) it off...oh I'll be waiting...just look at how nicely I did Don's recent shave.

kimberlalee said...

I know the curly-haired corrie better too, and I like her

kimberlalee said...

new post please!

Michele said...

hey can i borrow your straigtener? i have a new haircut that could use one.

Daryl said...

I never know when to take Robert Waddell seriously. Maybe it's the beard. Last night Rob (who happens to be my roommate) told me that you look like Audrey Hepburn. He also told me that you are coming to see Josh Ritter (huzzah!), so I guess I'll see for myself. How amazing is it that Josh Ritter is coming?

Don Amero said...

Hey Corrie.

Why do you have snot in your hair?


Anonymous said...

You should write a book, some story. I'm going to try this stuff within the next couple of weeks and I'm just hoping that my hair does'nt fall.

Anonymous said...

That's fine if my hair want's to curl up but is it soft and manageable .
anonymous and Gillian Martin-Moore