on the bridge

Everyday I walk to work I see the same man walking the opposite direction. We usually cross paths on the bridge and keep going. Everyday... whether I'm a little early or a little late, going to work and coming home from work.

It's kind of odd.

He never smiles, either. I would try to be friends with him but, honestly, he kind of scares me. Everytime I see him I wonder what he does, where he's going that our paths cross everyday.


Michele said...

is he the one who wears the hat and what looks like a wig?

gqkxkpiw now isn't that just way too long a word verification for such a short little comment?

Marja said...

Isn't funny how people do that. I pass the same people in the school everyday. There are some that I say hi to, odd comments about the weather etc... However, there are others that I dare not speak to and they to never speak with me. One teacher in particular, I always wonder what her class is like as she intimidates me somehow. Yet, she never says anything to me either, Do I intimidate her? Impossible.

Anonymous said...

There is a really old man who sits on his walker at the bus stop every day that I bring Kristen to work. On the day that it snowed, he wasn't there and we missed him.

beckster said...

Oh yess, the old creepy man in the blue shorts and the blue shirt tucked in. Am I the only one who shares this reminisence (wong word?) with you? I kind of miss him, he would look at us funny as we walked pass him laughing and talking every day. Or remember the time you doubled me home and I was laughing so hard as I was half haning onto that stupid bike, and crying becuase my arms hurt. And you, wearing a skirt, with your legs spred open in order to ride while I was on the bike at the same time...he probably looked at us really weird that day, i can't remember, I was laughing too hard. I miss those walks. They were good, and I will always remember them, and the man in the blue shorts.

p.s. what does he wear in the winter?

pamero said...

He's probably a corrie stalker.
I'm surprised he hasn't left a comment or 17 on your blog. ha ha.