here goes

Well... a post a day for the month of november... I'll do my best : )

So, a couple of weeks ago I turned in an assignment that I didn't work very hard on and knew wouldn't get a very good mark. But I figured it would be good for me to hand it in anyway and accept the poor grade, might get my butt in gear. Yah, I got the assignment back this week, and I got the same mark on it that I got on a paper that I *did* work hard on. WHAT THE HECK? That makes me so mad. Why am I even trying?


Michele said...

i'm just thrilled you're going to post every day in nov.

ccap said...

Yeah, I'm with Michele. Giddy.

But, the mark just proves something I've known all along: You're super smart without even having to try.

Accidental Poet said...


(not the mark, the post-a-rama!)

Marja said...

Happy to hear you are going to try to blog everyday. I am not a blogger (is that a word?) but enjoy reading them when I can.

As for today's entry. I am not surprised at all. Especially considering it was a paper. You are a very talented writer, this is the primary reason I enjoy reading your blog. Your stories and poetry make me envious for the ease in which you use the english language. Do not waste time wondering what you did, instead enjoy the moment.