my dream

I dreamed last night that I stole sandwich meat. I don't know why. I guess I was craving a roast beef sandwich. But it was meat that I had to cut off the roast. So I cut it off the roast, wrapped it up and put it in my bag. And then I realized that it was ham. But I still took it.

Next, I decided I needed some bread. So I opened up a bread bag, took out four slices, and put it in my bag with the meat. I don't know why I took bread. I have plenty at home.

To top it off, I grabbed a can of coke and in my bag it went.

I've been trying to think all day what this could mean and haven't come to any good conclusions... any ideas?


ccap said...

I don't know but it's kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you were just hungry.

pamero said...

Okay, I don't really have any ideas except that I know you are a little obsessed with certain sandwiches(ie.Reuben, hot turkey), but I do know your dream was very orderly. Meat, then bread=sandwich.
Mine are always so mish-mashed together following several different storylines simutaneously.