for sale

sometimes i riffle through my thoughts
like i riffle through my closet
i examine each thought closely
and decide which should stay
and which should go

maybe i'll have a garage sale
five cents for this one
a dollar for that one
two fifty for this matching set

some i keep for sentimental value
even though i know they're out of style
and some i hang on to for future use
i just know they'll be good for something

and like my clothes
i have too many thoughts

crowded in there so tightly


pamero said...

Well. I would definately buy some of your thoughts. Although it would probably have to be the used-up-ready-to-throw-out-ones. I don't think I could afford the 'good ones'. That what I think of them.

Michele said...

i want hand-me-downs.

kimberlalee said...

hmm... sentimental? is that why I still have your grade 9 graduation dress in my closet? I mean, it's loverly, but it's in my closet!