All I have to do is write a stupid four page paper comparing and contrasting two characters in a book we read in class. It's Dickens, so it's pretty obvious. SO WHY CAN'T I DO IT?!?! I'm so frustrated! I have all my notes, I have quotes all lined up and ready to use, I have a few good thoughts to include and it's like I can't string two sentences together. Sigh... I've been working on it ALL DAY. Minus some tv watching time (and some chocolate chip, pretzel, and coke time) (I am only human after all and not being able to write a simple, stupid essay requires some comfort food). WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? This is the course I knew I would breeze through! Now I'm stuck behind my computer hour after hour with one page of poorly written crap in front of me. There's no help for it. I'll submit a poorly written paper and receive a poor grade. In an English course.



Heather said...

No surprise to me, considering it's DICKENS! I HATED writing papers about Dickens - it always brought out the mental block in me. As an English major, I felt this pressure to love to dissect Dickents, but I SO DIDN'T! Blech!

pamero said...

mmmm...that pretzel, coke and chocolate chip time WAS excellent.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm chocolate chips.......... no good snack food like that in the house at the moment.