if i lived on a rocket ship

i would drink capri-sun
i would send emails home from space
i would crank up alanis and do summersaults through zero-grav
i would eat candied pecans and walnuts
i would keep a picture of a tree taped to the wall
i would put a speaker on the outside of my rocket ship so that when i played music there would be sound in space
i would look for god out there in space
i would flag down an alien space craft if i saw one cause i'm not scared of them
i would wear a pretty dress once in a while
i would get my b.a. by correspondence
i would take a really good book with me
i would marvel at how life really isn't that different out there in space living on a rocket ship


Linda said...

Well, there is ONE difference. Because you are weightless, you could eat all the candied pecans and walnuts and not gain any weight. That would definitely be a bonus.

cornelia said...

Ooooo... I didn't think of that! Nice!

kimberlalee said...

I would pour juice into the zero-gravitational air and then chase after it and drink it!